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The Story behind the Eco-Friendly Paint Revolution


The Eco Deco story begins as most success stories do: with a simple idea to create a product that would benefit children, communities, and the environment.
In 1985, Fernand Cayre was a successful chemical engineer working for a paint manufacturing company in southwest France. He had always wanted to start his own paint manufacturing company, and when his employers found out about his ambition, he was let go. Fernand, his wife, and his children had no choice but to forge ahead and start his paint company—and RECA was born. Early on, RECA saw the importance of green products and knew this market was a perfect fit for their water-based paints.
Over 25 years later, RECA employs 200 people, produces over 11,000 tons of eco-friendly paint annually, and posted revenues of $38 million in 2011. Fernand’s simple dream to create paint has become a multinational company, with clients in over 18 countries on 3 continents and 25 showrooms. Including Eco Deco, RECA has 3 subsidiaries focused on the green products industry.
RECA’s success is due to a strong commitment to green paint products and an understanding of the growing market demand for environmentally friendly paint. Significant research and development resources went into developing eco-friendly paint that would perform at the same level as traditional oil-based paint.
Moving into the green products market was a wise choice. Water-based, eco-friendly paint now represents 85% of the company’s production, and RECA has opened a brand-new factory, tripling production capacity and using the latest manufacturing technologies for green paint products.
As Fernand’s dream was coming true, a longtime family friend was about to have a revelation that would also change lives. Karim Hiouel, an air quality engineer in Toulouse, France, used RECA’s environmentally friendly paint and textured faux finishes to renovate his condo. When his friends visited, they were impressed with the captivating, unique esthetic of Karim’s condo. They were even more impressed when he revealed that he had used only green paint products.
A couple of years later, Karim moved to Chicago, and as he discovered more about the American green products market, he quickly realized the tremendous opportunity waiting for RECA. Karim started Eco Deco in 2009, developed a completely new brand platform geared toward American consumers, and partnered with RECA to supply and later manufacture high-quality, eco-friendly paint in the United States. 
Today, with the backing of RECA, Eco Deco is ready to make the world a better breathing space . . . one home at a time.

Discover the Eco Deco paints countless clients have used to protect their homes,

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