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Transform Your House with a Fresh Coat of Eco Deco Paint 

Nothing refreshes the exterior of your home like a brand-new coat of paint. When you use Eco Deco’s environmentally friendly paints, you’re protecting not only your home, but also your family’s health and your environment.

Eco Deco’s high-quality, eco-friendly paints meet the world’s most rigorous standards for consumer products, and most carry the European Union’s Ecolabel. Eco Deco’s green paint formulas contain low to no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and are long-lasting, fast drying, weather resistant, and washable. Typically, unless you’re making a significant or dramatic color change, one coat will be sufficient.
With over 2,000 water-based acrylic and soybean paint colors to choose from, you’ll find the exact match to your current shade, or you can browse our exclusive European color palette to discover new hues guaranteed to wow guests and brighten your home.
Whether you need to touch up metal trim or do a complete repaint, Eco Deco sustainable paints are suitable for every surface and application.


Transform the exterior of your home with zero-VOC paints such as EcoTop Matte-Exterior and EcoTop Satin-Exterior, or low-VOC EcoTop Wood.


For low- to medium-trafficked decks that see garden parties and backyard barbecues, protect with low-VOC EcoThane, which also covers concrete. 

Trim and Wood

Make your shutters and trim shine with Eco Deco soy paint. All low-VOC paints used on wood meet the European Union’s Ecolabel: EcoSatin-Exterior, EcoLac-Exterior, EcoMatte Exterior, EcoTop Wood, and EcoThane.


Protect exterior metal décor and trim from the weather with an application of Eco-Rex, a low-VOC antirust primer, followed by a coat of Eco-Rub, a low-VOC paint with a satin finish that protects as well. However, it’s best to use both of these products together. 

Floors and Stairways

Renew and protect garage floors and outdoor stairs, including concrete, with fast-drying, low-VOC EcoThane. It’s easy to apply, and this eco-friendly paint washes easily with soap and water. EcoThane may be used on trim, tile, and metal.