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Provencal Plaster


Improve Acoustics or Texturize Your Home with European Plaster  

Give the interior of your home a truly European look and feel with Eco Deco’s Provençal plaster and wax. Easy to apply with a textured faux finish, this removable, eco-friendly plaster comes in 30 exclusive, handpicked European colors new to the United States market.

Provençal plaster has several uses, including improving imperfections in walls, enhancing the acoustics of your basement or family room, or creating the appearance of rich depth in your walls. No matter what you use it for, our plaster gives you the ability to indulge your artistic side and create depth and rich texture to give the room an entirely new look and feel.

Try applying EcoTop Décor plaster and EcoTosca wax at a station in our showroom, and then choose the finish that’s right for your room. All of Eco Deco’s green products feature low or no VOCs, so you can plaster a room and entertain or sleep in it the same night.

EcoTop Décor is a no-VOC removable plaster that creates a sandy texture for any interior wall. 

EcoTosca is a low-VOC wax that produces an ancient look on your interior walls. EcoTosca comes in a matte finish.  


For best results, use EcoTop Décor and Eco Tosca exclusively in dry rooms for ceilings, walls, whitened concrete, cement, existing plaster, and clean, previously painted surfaces. 
EcoTop Décor and EcoTosca can be used separately, but combining the two gives you one of the most creative and unique product combinations on the market. They re-create not only the stunning visual of a rustic wall, but also its unusual texture, for a truly magnificent room. You can apply plaster and then wax for a long-lasting, water-resistant ancient look, or plaster alone to create a striking texture.