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Why Eco Deco?


More than just paint...


Eco Deco's promise to you

Eco Deco’s unwavering commitment to create high-quality, environmentally safe green products in a wide variety of colors is its foundation and mission.

Protect your family, your environment and your home

When you’re ready to paint your home or have the responsibility of painting someone else’s, the safety of the paint itself is a primary consideration. Traditional paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful ingredients that can emit toxic fumes and gases for years. We offer low-VOC or zero-VOC paints that contain little or no toxic ingredients, ensuring your children, pets, and entire family are safe any time you paint.

Make a Statement with Eco Deco European Colors

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your home, renovation project, or design client, we know you want a choice of finishes and hand-selected, distinctive colors. Whether transforming the exterior of your home or simply updating a bedroom, our exclusive and vast European color selection allows you to select the exact shade you want.

Eco Deco: Sustainable Paints That Exceed the Most Stringent Standards

The European Union Ecolabel certification sets the worldwide gold standard for sustainable and green products, and it mandates safety and performance standards that exceed those in other countries, including the United States. Nearly all Eco Deco products are Ecolabel certified.

Use the Premier Eco-Friendly Paint for Children’s Toys and Furniture

Toys, toy boxes, and furniture look like new with Eco Deco wood paints, and parents rest easy because there are no harmful chemicals or heavy metals for their children to breathe or ingest.