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Eco Deco: Sustainable Paints That Exceed the Most Stringent Standards


The European Union Ecolabel certification sets the worldwide gold standard for sustainable and green products, and it mandates safety and performance standards that exceed those in other countries, including the United States. Nearly all Eco Deco products are Ecolabel certified.
Eco Deco paints surpass current United States certifications and exceed the 2012 standards. What this means for consumers, designers, and contractors who buy Eco Deco paint is they can rest assured our products are high-quality, eco-friendly paint and do not emit toxic fumes or contain heavy metals such as lead. In addition, our soybean paint and EcoThane paint meet the European Union EN-71-3 guidelines for paint products used on toys. This means that children and pets are safe from toxins and metals when you refinish wooden toys and furniture. (link to toy page)
Ecolabel certification has the most stringent requirements in terms of volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, and our products are truly zero-VOC paint and low-VOC paint. In line with our mission to bring you the best-performing products available, the warranty is 5 years on all products, excluding labor costs.
The certification takes into account the full life cycle of the product as well as the product performance and is not just a measurement of the product’s VOC levels. It is a true assessment of the product in terms of performance and impact on the environment.
Paints, coatings, and finishes are among the leading causes of air pollution in homes, primarily due to high levels of VOCs common in their formulas. Eco Deco’s advanced technology continues to create products that significantly reduce VOCs in many products—and eliminate them in others.
To maintain its Ecolabel certification, Eco Deco must continually demonstrate the low-toxin load and enhanced performance of its green paints. Requirements to earn the Ecolabel include . . .
  • No-VOC tints.
  • No ingredients classified as harmful to people’s health. Our products do not contain toxic chemicals that cause cancer, impair fertility, or have cumulative effects.
  • No components classified as harmful to the aquatic environment.  
  • No odor-masking products or heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, or mercury.
  • Tightly controlled, extremely low amounts of titanium dioxide, white pigment, or volatile aromatic hydrocarbons (VAH) during and after manufacturing.
  • Adherence to specific manufacturing guidelines to limit environmental effects of production, usage, and disposal.
  • Stiff performance criteria in terms of . . .
    • Spreading rate: 98% hiding power and coverage exceeding 320-square-feet per gallon. Unless transitioning from dark to light, one coat should be sufficient.
    • Wet sponge scrubbing resistance: the loss of coating thickness cannot exceed 20 microns after 200 scrub cycles. This means that Eco Deco paints are proven to be washable without loss of coating.
    • Resistance to water: floor and wood products should not reduce gloss after a 24-hour water exposure with subsequent 16 hours of recovery.
    • Sufficient abrasion and adhesion for floor and wood products    


When you buy Eco Deco products, you’ll protect your home, your family, and your environment with the largest selection of the most eco-friendly paints and coatings available.

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