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Your Environment


Protect Your Environment, Your Family, and Your Home  


When you’re ready to paint your home or have the responsibility of painting someone else’s, the safety of the paint itself is a primary consideration. Traditional paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful ingredients that can emit toxic fumes and gases for years. We offer low-VOC or zero-VOC paints that contain little or no toxic ingredients, ensuring your children, pets, and entire family are safe any time you paint.
Eco Deco’s environmentally friendly paints are continually tested and measured according to the stringent standards of the European Union, and most of them have earned the Ecolabel, the official certification for sustainable products. The Ecolabel certifies green products that meet strict limits on VOCs, toxic chemicals and carcinogenic substances, and heavy metals such as lead. 

Why not use traditional petroleum-based paints? 


Environmental concerns and safety prompted us to find alternatives to traditional oil-based paints because they contain a number of harmful substances:
  • Petroleum-based ingredients such as white spirit, formaldehyde, and toluene, which are all linked to cancer and respiratory disease.
  • VOCs are unstable, carbon-containing compounds that easily vaporize into the air. This reaction produces ozone, which causes air pollution, breathing problems, headache, nausea, cancer, and kidney and liver damage. 
Indoor VOC levels are routinely 10 times higher than outdoor levels, and VOC emissions from paint can last up to 5 years after painting. Everyone, but especially pregnant women, children, and pets, are at risk for serious health issues from traditional petroleum-based paint.

Why Eco Deco sustainable paint?

All of our eco-friendly paints are water-based and zero-VOC or low-VOC products with no-VOC tints. Some paints are Ecolabel certified, and their low to no odor means you can paint a room and anyone can sleep in it that night without fear of breathing dangerous fumes. As there are no VOCs, heavy metals, or petroleum-based ingredients, there are no emissions from the paint to cause health concerns.

To receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, architects and their contractors must comply with strict requirements for the types of material they are using. By using Eco Deco sustainable paint, they receive full credits for paint, and if they use our soy paint, they can add the cost of the soy paint toward the cost of renewable material to earn credits for using renewable material.  
Our EcoThane and soy paint also meet the European Union EN-71-3 guidelines for paint products used on toys. This means that when you refinish wooden toys and furniture, children and pets are not ingesting lead or other harmful ingredients.
Disposal of our products is simple. One option is to bring back your Eco Deco paints and cans to us for recycling. If you wish to dispose of the cans yourself, local ordinances permitting, pour kitty litter into open cans, let dry, and put in any trash receptacle. As Eco Deco sustainable paint is water based with no toxins—unlike any other paint product—it can be disposed of in landfills, but always check with your local authorities first.
If you prefer, you can take unused paints to a waste collection program or recycling center for paint. For locations throughout the U.S., visit www.earth911.com. Please note that this website has no connection to Eco Deco.

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